July Course News

Dear Members,

June has at last brought us some great hot and sunny weather! This month we have kept up the aeration program and have needle tinned the greens, regularly verti-cut to refine the grasses, top dressed (60 tonnes in total this year) and continued to use a very controlled feeding program – All of this is helping to break down thatch, keep the black layer at bay and promote a healthy true playing surface whilst all the time reducing the risk of disease.

The greens are now getting to their best with green speeds between 9 and 12 on the stimp meter – I have found the greens speeds have been a bit inconsistent but with the work listed above and consistent mowing practices now in place we are working hard to get a reliable speed of around 10.5.

We have come through a very dry spell and it is a fine balance between putting on too much or too little water whilst taking into account green size, elevation and undulations – but with daily monitoring and a reconfigured irrigation system watering up to 3 times a night, pumping from both the 6th tee and the drive side ponds I am pleased with how little dry patch and hand watering we have had to do.

We have started construction on a new 16th bridge and pathway to the left of the pond which will become the main route for all traffic and stop people driving behind the 15th green whilst golfers are putting. Once completed the old bridge will be removed and re-sited on the course and the pond reshaped to be one big expanse of water from the tee.

I would like to thank you all for the positive comments over the last month, the greenstaff and I really appreciate it. Next month it will be more of the same and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come over and have a chat.

Simon Hardman

Head Greenkeeper

Buggy Prices

  • Members Buggy for 18 holes £15.00
  • Members Buggy for 27 holes £20.00
  • Members Buggy for 36 holes £25.00



The golf course at Horsley Lodge
The golf course at Horsley Lodge