November Course News

Dear Members,

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who attended the Greenkeeping Q & A forum and to Nigel Reeve and the Salt family for making it happen – from my side it was a very constructive meeting that raised some interesting points that I would otherwise be unaware of, I feel it gave me a chance to explain some of the challenges I’ve faced in my first year from a Greenkeepers perspective and the feedback whilst out on the course since has be very helpful.

A common concern in the meeting was that the reeds had started to get out of control on the 4th, 11th and 15th which was affecting the flow of water, causing silt to build up and making us more susceptible to flooding – Using a hired 9 tonne dumper and a specialised bucket on the excavator the reeds and silt have been removed in just under 2 days with minimal disruption to the course and wildlife.

The scrub land to the left of the new 16th bridge was also highlighted as an area that needed attention – this has now been cleared and landscaped and will be seeded in the spring.

To help with drainage, aeration and their overall health we have verti-drained the greens this month and will continue with our low impact micro-tining as much as possible whilst the conditions allow. I am pleased with the greens progress – they have reacted well to the last feed, the anthracnose and disease are no longer active and they are going into the colder months ‘healthy’ which is very positive.

With the grass now slowing down we will be starting our winter maintenance; this month we aim to have all the bunkers renovated with a measured sand depth throughout and are hoping to start work on removing the lower branches from the trees to promote their growth and allow us to mow round them without damage.

The course is holding up well and the weather is being very kind to us for mid November – there are some wetter areas out there( especially on the slopes like 12th green), so if you could all try and avoid them as best a possible with trollies and buggies it would be a great help.

As always – if you see me out on the course please feel free to come and have a chat.

Simon Hardman

Head Greenkeeper

Buggy Prices

  • Members Buggy for 18 holes £15.00
  • Members Buggy for 27 holes £20.00
  • Members Buggy for 36 holes £25.00



The golf course at Horsley Lodge
The golf course at Horsley Lodge