September Course News

Dear Members

August was a very busy and productive month for both golf and course maintenance with the AM AM, Ladies Invitation and Captains Charity, combined with our planned work on the greens – thank you as always for the great feedback.

Micro-coring the greens went very well even though we were hampered by heavy dews on both days which made the clean-up process a lot more difficult – like all of us, our core collector much prefers sunny dry conditions.

We hollow cored to a depth of two inches which is a lot shallower than in the past; any deeper and you start to remove the ‘good’ sand as well as the thatch which is a pointless exercise as we have to add it back in the next day by applying more top-dressing and in turn causing more disruption to play.

The greens were brushed, blown, mown and rolled, then one tonne of topdressing sand was applied on the Tuesday – all this work was finished by Tuesday afternoon giving us the rest of the week to carry on with course maintenance and giving the greens time to rest – The team did a fantastic job with minimal disturbance and the time of year has made the recovery time very fast.

On the following Monday, the greens were over seeded with pure bent grass at 5gms a square metre in two directions. This was done by specialist contractors with a tractor mounted slitter which drops the seed directly into the prepared surface – by doing this we have achieved a 9o% germination rate and I’m incredibly happy with! Over time this will make the greens more resistant to disease and improve year round playing surface consistency. There was a bit more disturbance with this operation but after cutting and ironing 48hrs later they were back to normal apart from the visual sight of the lines.

All renovation work done to the greens now, until November, when we shall vertidrain as we did last year. Thank you for patience while all this work was carried out.

Next month we are going to continue the yearly drainage work that started with 5 and 6 – we are hiring a low-disruption small hand trencher and are going to put in 300 meters of drainage around some of the green aprons to try and stop them being waterlogged over the winter period. This will have very little disturbance and if it works well we will keep going over the next few years.

If you have any questions on the renovation work or any aspect of the course please do not hesitate to come over and speak to me at any time.


Head Greenkeeper

Buggy Prices

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